Rockland, Maine, a charming coastal town, is a haven for food lovers. Known for its fresh seafood, Rockland also boasts an impressive array of breakfast spots that will make your morning truly delightful. From cozy cafes serving up homemade pastries to bustling diners dishing out hearty, traditional breakfasts, there’s something for everyone in this picturesque town. So, whether you’re a local or a visitor, start your day off right by indulging in the best breakfast delights Rockland has to offer.

Home Kitchen Cafe: A Local Favorite

Home Kitchen Cafe is a beloved spot among locals and tourists alike. Known for its warm, welcoming atmosphere and delicious food, this cafe is a must-visit for breakfast. Their menu features a variety of options, from classic eggs benedict to unique dishes like their lobster hash. And don’t forget to try their famous homemade popovers, served with sweet strawberry butter.

Atlantic Baking Co: For the Bread and Pastry Lovers

If you’re a fan of freshly baked bread and pastries, Atlantic Baking Co is the place for you. This bakery offers a wide range of delectable baked goods, including croissants, scones, and baguettes. Their pastries are perfect for a light, sweet breakfast, while their hearty breads make for a satisfying start to the day. Pair your choice with a cup of their locally roasted coffee for a truly delightful breakfast experience.

Rockland Cafe: A Classic Diner Experience

For a classic diner experience, head to Rockland Cafe. This bustling spot serves up all the traditional breakfast favorites, from fluffy pancakes to savory omelettes. Their generous portions ensure you won’t leave hungry. And with their friendly service and cozy atmosphere, you’ll feel right at home.

Good Tern Co-op & Cafe: A Healthy Start

If you’re looking for a healthier breakfast option, Good Tern Co-op & Cafe is a great choice. This co-op offers a variety of organic, locally sourced options for breakfast. Their menu features items like granola bowls, smoothies, and avocado toast. Not only is their food delicious, but it’s also good for you and the environment.

Brick’s Restaurant: A Sophisticated Option

For a more upscale breakfast experience, consider Brick’s Restaurant. This elegant spot offers a sophisticated twist on classic breakfast dishes. Try their smoked salmon benedict or their brioche French toast for a truly indulgent start to your day. And with their extensive wine and cocktail list, you can even enjoy a mimosa or bloody mary with your meal.


With its diverse range of breakfast spots, Rockland, Maine is a food lover’s dream. Whether you’re craving a classic diner breakfast, a light pastry, or a sophisticated brunch, you’ll find it in this charming coastal town. So why not start your day off right by indulging in the best breakfast delights Rockland has to offer? You won’t be disappointed.

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