January 12, 2004 Council Meeting



January 12, 2004

7:30 P. M.






  1. Roll call
  2. Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings  (December 8 and January 2)
  3. Communications
  1. Legislative Report
  2. Other
  1. Reports of Committees and Commissions
  1. Town Manager’s Report
  2. Assessor’s Supplemental Tax and Abatements to be Acknowledged by Council
  3. Department Reports–Police, Fire, Library, Code Enforcement, Public Works
  4. Finance Committee Report (Treasurer’s Warrants)
  5. Financial Report





  1. Order No. 11-2003:  The Withdrawal Fromthe Maine State Retirement System and

To Provide For a Cost of Living Clause For the Employees Who

Remain Within the MSRS.  (Second Reading)  Sponsored by

Howard Mette.

  1. Resolution No. 29-2003:  Adoption of the VantagecareRetirement Health Savings

(RHS) Program.  (Second Reading)  Sponsored by Howard Mette.





  1. Resolution No. 01-2004:  A Statement of Concern Overthe Increasing Expense of County

Government.  (First Reading)  Sponsored by Howard Mette.





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TOWN OF WINSLOW, MAINE REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING and PUBLIC HEARINGS April 12, 2004 7:00 P. M. AGENDA  PUBLIC HEARINGS: Ordinance No. 2-2004:  An Amendment to Ordinance 62-1976 as Amended. Order No. 2-2004:  Approval of the Town of Winslow 2004-2005 Fiscal Budget                                      Series, in the Amount of {{ $s_rnd }},000,000.00 and to Establish a Tax                                      D...

The Town Codes are constantly being changed and updated, it is important to check with the Clerk or the Code Officer to verify their current status. The online Codes should be used for reference only. Maine D.E.P. Publications Comprehensive Plan  Executive Summary Comprehensive plan index Historic & Archaeological Resources……………………. 1 Implementation Strategies………………………………… 11             Prehistor...

  Town Clerk:   Pamela J. Smiley   Deputy Tax Coll.: Linda Gagne     WINSLOW TAX BILLS WILL BE MAILED NEXT WEEK – The Town of Winslow is scheduled to mail the 2010/2011 tax bills to all property owners next week. Due to the municipality’s reduction in the local budget and the increase in the taxable valuation …...