February 10, 2003 Council Meeting



February 10, 2003

7:30 P. M.




  1. Roll call
  2. Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting  (January 13)
  3. Communications
  1. Legislative Update
  2. Other Notices
  1. Reports of Committees and Commissions
  1. Town Manager’s Report
  2. Department Reports–Police, Fire, Code Enforcement, Library, Public Works
  1. Finance Committee Report (Treasurer’s Warrants)
  2. Financial Report




  1. Resolution No. 1-2003:  Pole Location Permit—Central Maine Power Company and

                                            Verizon Telephone Company – Project 0202188376.  (First

                                            and Only Reading)  Sponsored by Administration.

  1. Resolution No. 2-2003:  Application for a Class I Liquor License (Renewal) for Shing

                                             Yan Leung, d/b/a Peking Hut, Inc., Cushman Road.  (First

                                             Reading)  Sponsored by Administration.

  1. Resolution No. 3-2003:   Application for a Class I Liquor License (Renewal) for

                                              Jeannine Hendsbee, d/b/a The Lobster Trap, Inc., Bay

                                              Street.  (First Reading) Sponsored by Administration.

  1. Resolution No. 4-2003:  Application for a Special Amusement Permit (Renewal) for

                                             Frank & Irene Giordano d/b/a Giordano’s Camping and

                                             Recreation Club.  (First Reading)  Sponsored by Admin.


TOWN OF WINSLOW, MAINE REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING July 14, 2003 7:00 P. M. AGENDA    PUBLIC HEARING: Ordinance No. 3-2003:  An Amendment to Repeal the Solid Waste Ordinance Chapter         8A through Sec. 8A-27 and to Amend the Sewer Ordinance                                             Chapter 8 to Include Sewer Impact Fees. REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING: Roll call Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting ...

Account Name St. # Street/Road Map-Lot Deed Book-Page Billing Address City/Town State ZIP .+4 Acres Land Value Building Value Total Value Billed Value SFLA 1931 M & R REALTY REVOCABLE TRUST 4 LASALLE ST. 018-023 B7790P0250 PO BOX 338 WATERVILLE ME 04903 338 0.21 ,100.00 ,800.00 ,900.00 ,900.00 1596 1939 M & R REALTY REVOCABLE …...

PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT                                        Dennis Dacus: Director   Mission Statement “To provide quality recreational opportunities for all Winslow residents and surrounding communities” The Winslow Parks and Recreation Department is dedicated to maintaining all of the town parks and recreation areas.  In addition we maintain the Donald Carter Memorial Bridge, the Wins...

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