October 14, 2003 Council Meeting




October 14, 2003


7:00 P. M.



  1. Ordinance No. 4-2003:  The Amendment of Ordinance No. 4-2002, “The

        Administration of General Assistance.”


  1. Roll call
  2. Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting (September 8)
  3. Communications
  4. Legislative Report from Ken Fletcher
  5. Other
  6. Reports of Committees and Commissions
  1. Town Manager’s Report
  2. Assessor’s Abatements & Supplementals to be Acknowledged by Council
  3. Assessor’s Certificates of Assessment/Commitment to be Signed by Council
  4. Department Reports–Police, Fire, Library, Code Enforcement, Public Works
  5. Appointment of Warden for November 4 Election
  6. Municipal Election Warrant to be Signed by Council
  7. Finance Committee Report (Treasurer’s Warrants)
  8. Financial Report


  1. Order No. 8-2003:  Matching Funds for the Winslow Fire Department for a Grant

Received from Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).     (Second Reading)  Sponsored by Administration.


  1. Ordinance No. 4-2003:  The Amendment of Ordinance No. 4-2002, “The

        Administration of General Assistance.”  (First Reading)

        Sponsored by Administration.

  1. Resolution No. 20-2003:   Application for a Special Amusement Permit (Renewal) for

                                                MacCrillis-Rousseau Post #8835 V.F.W., Dunbar Road.

                                               (First Reading)  Sponsored by Administration.

  1. Resolution No. 21-2003:  Application for a Class I Liquor and Club Catering License

                                               (Renewal) by MacCrillis-Rousseau Post #8835 V.F.W.,

Dunbar Road.  (First Reading)  Sponsored by


  1. Resolution No. 22-2003:  Application for Bottle Club Registration (Renewal) for

                                                Frank and Irene Giordano d/b/a Giordano’s Camping and

            Recreation Club, North Pond Road.  (First Reading)

           Sponsored by Administration.

  1. Resolution No. 23-2003:  Pole Location Permit – VerizonNew England Inc. (f.k.a.

                                                New England Telephone and Telegraph Company) and

 Central Maine Power Company – Plan No. 9AAPYL. (First

 and Only Reading)  Sponsored by Administration.

  1. Resolution No. 24-2003:  Increasing Compensation and Annual Educational

                                                Allotment for Kennebec Sanitary Treatment District

                                                Trustees.  (First Reading)  Sponsored by Howard Mette.

  1. Resolution No. 25-2003:  Authorization for the Kennebec Valley Council of

                                                Governments to Apply on Behalf of the Town of Winslow

                                                for Participation in the Pine Tree Zones.  (First Reading)

                                                Sponsored by Howard Mette.


  1. Kennebec Sanitary Treatment District – to finish J. Fitton’sterm until 7/8/05

          Nominee:  Robert J. Nadeau

                            Patterson Avenue


AccountNameSt. #Street/RoadMap-LotDeed Book-PageBilling AddressCity/TownStateZIP.+4AcresLand ValueBuilding ValueTotal ValueBilled ValueSFLA2392OBERLERCHNER,ALFRED F27SMILEY AVE.024-026B4371P0034                        27 SMILEY AVENUEWINSLOWME0490176020.65,500.003,900.000,400.007,920.0017604615OBRIN,JOHN M & MARY E471BENTON AVE.010-003-MB7576P0086                        471 BENTON AVEN...

Account Name St. # Street/Road Map-Lot Deed Book-Page Billing Address City/Town State ZIP .+4 Acres  Land Value  Building Value  Total Value  Billed Value SFLA 1052 ABBOTT,GAIL L & MARK LIVING TRUST 1047 GARLAND RD. 011-028 B7868P0286 1047 GARLAND ROAD WINSLOW ME 04901 9642 4.4  $      32,400.00  $           100,100.00  $    132,500.00  $     120,020.00 916 931 ABBOTT,KENNETH …...

         Winslow Assessor:  Judy Mathiau CMA              Assessor’s Assistant: Michelle A. LePage The Assessor comes under the direction and certification of the State Tax Assessor, MRS. The Assessor is responsible for making sure that the overall property tax burden is distributed fairly and equitably in accordance with market value. The Assessor establishes all assessments, …...

  Town Clerk:   Pamela J. Smiley   Deputy Tax Coll.: Linda Gagne     WINSLOW TAX BILLS WILL BE MAILED NEXT WEEK – The Town of Winslow is scheduled to mail the 2010/2011 tax bills to all property owners next week. Due to the municipality’s reduction in the local budget and the increase in the taxable valuation …...