April 12, 2004 Council Meeting





April 12, 2004

7:00 P. M.



  1. Ordinance No. 2-2004:  An Amendment to Ordinance 62-1976 as Amended.
  2. Order No. 2-2004:  Approval of the Town of Winslow 2004-2005 Fiscal Budget

                                     Series, in the Amount of {{ $content }},000,000.00 and to Establish a Tax

                                     Due Date and Interest Rate of Taxes Remaining Unpaid.


  1. Roll call
  2. Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting (March 8)
  3. Communications
  1. Legislative Update
  2. Other
  1. Reports of Committees and Commissions
  1. Town Manager’s Report
  2. Assessor’s Abatement to be Acknowledged by Council
  3. Department Reports–Police, Fire, Code Enforcement, Public Works, Library
  4. Finance Committee Report (Treasurer’s Warrants)
  5. Financial Report




  1. Ordinance No. 02-2004:  An Amendment to Ordinance 62-1976 as Amended.  (First Reading)

          Sponsored by Howard Mette.

  1. Order No. 02-2004:  Approval of the Town of Winslow 2004-2005 Fiscal Budget

                                      Series, in the Amount of ,570,750.54 and to Establish a Tax

                                      Due Date and Interest Rate of Taxes Remaining Unpaid.

                                     (First Reading)  Sponsored by Howard Mette.

  1. Order No. 03-2004:  The Expenditure of Funds Fromthe Capital Improvement Fund.  (First

                                      Reading)  Sponsored by Howard Mette.

Winslow Town Council Agenda                           April 12, 2004                                       Page 2

  1. Resolution No. 07-2004:   Application for a Class I Liquor License (Renewal) by Tony Szeto,

                                                d/b/a Golden Garden, One Cushman Road.  (First Reading)

                                                Sponsored by Administration.

  1. Resolution No. 08-2004:   The Acceptance of an Irrevocable Letter of Credit to Insure the

                                                Completion of Phase I of Heartland Estates.   (First Reading)

                                                Sponsored by Howard Mette.

  1. Resolution No. 09-2004:   The Participation in an Intergovernmental Council With the

                                                Neighboring Communities of Waterville, Oakland and Fairfield.

                                                (First Reading)  Sponsored by Howard Mette.

  1. Resolution No. 10-2004:   A Fine ForA Violation of the Winslow Subdivision Ordinance as

                                                Outlined in Section 10.8.  (First Reading)  Sponsored by Howard



PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT                                        Dennis Dacus: Director   Mission Statement “To provide quality recreational opportunities for all Winslow residents and surrounding communities” The Winslow Parks and Recreation Department is dedicated to maintaining all of the town parks and recreation areas.  In addition we maintain the Donald Carter Memorial Bridge, the Wins...

  Town Clerk:   Pamela J. Smiley   Deputy Tax Coll.: Linda Gagne     WINSLOW TAX BILLS WILL BE MAILED NEXT WEEK – The Town of Winslow is scheduled to mail the 2010/2011 tax bills to all property owners next week. Due to the municipality’s reduction in the local budget and the increase in the taxable valuation …...

Public Works Department                            Director of Public Works: John Giroux (207) 872-1972 Winslow Department of Public Works. Although a small department of only thirteen union members and two administrative staff, we provide residential refuse collection, recyclables drop-off service, sewer and storm drainage systems maintenance, vehicle and equipment repair, signal light operation,...

Account Name St. # Street/Road Map-Lot Deed Book-Page Billing Address City/Town State ZIP .+4 Acres  Land Value  Building Value  Total Value  Billed Value SFLA 4195 UNITED STEELWORKERS OF AMERICA #1-449 577 BENTON AVE. 010-003-K B8180P0340 PO BOX 898 WATERVILLE ME 04903 898 0.15  $        9,400.00  $             54,100.00  $      63,500.00  $       63,500.00 0 4728 US CELLULAR BENTON AVENUE 019-01...